Incubation Facility|Deve Tech Core Sapporo|

Try more and grow more

Just as a child creates various things in a sandbox at the park and learns through trial and error, DeepTech CORE will serve as a “sandbox” for startups and entrepreneurs, and as the core of a central base for creating people, goods, and the economy. Continue to grow.

Logo Story

A vision of high-minded deep tech creators gathering at DeepTech CORE to solve various social issues, and people who create innovative technology and value flying out into the world.


xR Studio

Hokkaido’s first xR studio and lab.
This studio uses cutting-edge LED XGOB and allows you to assemble approximately 100 square meters of LED panels into your desired shape for filming, distribution, and research and development.
It is suitable for the production of fully immersive spaces and the creation of virtual spaces.


XR Studio|Deep Tech Core|Sapporo

Rental Office

Rental offices are available for one to four persons.
The rooms on the window side have floor-to-ceiling glass, creating a sense of freedom.
Deep Tech CORE SAPPORO’s rental office is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and can be registered as a company, making it an ideal environment for various startups.

Maximum number of users per person Window side
Approx. 3.3 m2

Maximum number of users per person Aisle side
Approx. 2.7 m2

Max. number of users/2 persons Window side
Approx. 5.8 m2

Maximum number of users/2 persons Aisle side
Approx. 5.1 m2

Max. number of users/4 people Aisle side
Approx. 7.3 m2


Deep Tech Core|Sapporo|Coworking Space


Coworking space specializing in engineers and creators.
The facility is equipped with a large number of various cameras and sensors, including AI edge cameras.
In the area of manufacturing, various types of equipment are available, from 3D printers to laser cutters, smart robots, and robot arms.
In the creative field, this workspace is equipped with various state-of-the-art devices, xR vision, interactive vision, and other actual machines, and is equipped with an environment where you can utilize them to develop various solutions.

Load-bearing calculated mesh ceiling

We have everything from various AI edge cameras to infrared cameras.

Cameras and sensors can be freely attached to the mesh ceiling to conduct research and development and demonstration experiments in real space.

We have various sensors such as 3D LiDER, millimeter wave radar, infrared sensor, range sensor, odor sensor, gyro sensor, depth sensor, sound sensor, magnetic sensor, etc.


Interactive LED Vision|Deep Tech Core|Sapporo|Coworking Space

Interactive LED Vision

Various developments can be performed using LED vision that is interactively connected to range sensors, 3D LiDER, AI edge cameras, and infrared sensors.

In addition, you can develop various solutions using actual equipment, such as xR vision and cylindrical vision.
Automatic door vision signals “open” and “close”.

Flexible Cylindrical LED Vision

Interactive development can be done by attaching various sensors to the cylindrical LED vision.

Interactive Vision

Interactive LED vision with infrared sensor, 3D LiDER, and AI camera for interactive development.

xR Space LED Vision

X-GOB’s LED vision, which has LEDs on three sides of the floor and walls, can be used to develop spatial effects and xR interactivity.


Digital Lab

A digital lab where state-of-the-art equipment is concentrated.
We provide an environment where a wide variety of research and development can be carried out, from “manufacturing” to “solutions.”

digital lab

Deep Tech CORE|Incubation facility has a digital lab.

We offer a wide variety of products, from cutting-edge equipment such as large 3D printers, laser cutters, high-performance workstations, high-performance drones, smart robots, MR glasses, and VR goggles to “device verification packs” that include various smartphones and tablets. We provide the environment necessary for diverse research and development.


Floor MAP

Incubation Facility|Deve Tech Core Sapporo|

PRE conference room for up to 8 persons
Approx. 12m2

PRE conference room for up to 20 people
Approx. 24m2

NETDOOR Showroom Business Meeting Booth
Max. 6 persons

xR studio and waiting room for up to 5 persons
Approx. 14 m2

*If you wish to use LED vision when using the PRE conference room, a separate LED vision fee will be charged.
*The NETDOOR’s business meeting booths are available only when the Net Door is not in use.
The xR studio waiting room is available only when the studio is not in use.



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